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Pollinary Dances - Seed bomb workshop

September 1st 2019 at 13:00 - 14:00


Join LATERNA in a green workshop for the whole family!


Artists Fernanda Branco and Ingeborg S. Olerud, representing LATERNA, also educated as gardeners, will host this workshop for kids, youth and others who wish to stick their hands in soil and clay and make activism towards greening the city. Together we make seed bombs of clay, soil and seeds ending the workshop with a walk in the neighborhood. As a kind of guerilla-gardeners we will throw the seed bombs at appropriate locations.   


Meet up in the foyer at Black Box teater at 13:00

Free entrance - Open to all!



No more bleak strips of lawn! In the seed bombs workshop we produce small balls of earth, compost and clay containing flower seeds. The seed bombs that we don't plant together can be taken home and planted wherever you want: whether in your own garden, neglected parks, the median strip of a highway or in your neighbour's garden. These „bombs“ origin from the Guerrilla Gardening movement, which first appeared in New York during the 1970s. Today the movement is spread all over the world. Especially in cities it is all about using unused land and appropriating public space – whether it be orphaned plots or neglected small areas such as traffic islands or the edge of parking lots. Not only flowers can be planted but also crops, which can then be harvested. 

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