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'CoSA Garden // POLLINARY DANCES 2018-2022

 Black Box Teater Oslo (NO) and Museum of the St. Petersburg Avant-Garde' (RU)

CoSA Garden is the choreographic growing of sister gardens in two countries (NO/RU). CoSA Garden BBt – the vertical, outdoor garden wall that we will build on the façade of Black Box teater in Oslo is a visionary green supplement to the local community, a living art work, a green lunge, a place to make a pause, to meet people, inviting to interaction between plants, humans and pollinators, through an extended Pollinary Dance. 

In the sister garden in St. Petersburg, at the Museum of the St. Petersburg Avantgarde, we are revitalising the museum garden, thinking of this practice as a dialogue with nature, plants, place, people in this place, the past, present and future. We are curious to see how the building and growing of the gardens can create movements in smaller - and larger scale, as a local/trans-national choreography/Pollinary Dance. Sustainability and a listening to nature is a cornerstone in the CoSA project.

Click images bellow to see photos and read more about the two different sister gardens: 

DSCF0037_kopi4_3_2 format.jpg
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