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VII. Áhkánjárstábba, Kvalsund/Hammerfest (NO).

Two performances at Danefestival Barents, Arktisk Kultursenter, November 10th and 11th. 2017.

Photo: Elisabeth Kjeldal Nilsson

By LATERNA// Inger-Reidun Olsen & Marianne Skjeldal 

Guests: Karstein Solli & Elisabeth Kjeldahl Nilsson

During DanseFestival Barents, LATERNA re-visits Áhkánjárstábba, the renown stone, known as the Stallo in Kvalsund, this time inviting to the gallery at the Arctic Cultural Centre/Arktisk Kultursenter. This is one event in a series of performative events in the project CoSA- Concerning the Spiritual in Art.  


In June 2017 LATERNA created a performance in collaboration with LOCUS, Robert Steijn and  Kvalsund Kommune/Stallodagene. 


In Re-visiting Áhkánjárstábba, we are searching for ways to involve the audience where they may experience the stone, landscape, stories and traces that the stone left in us during the summer days we spent by it´s side. During the hour of twilight, we invite the audience to witness our meeting with the stone - inside the gallery space.


- What may an ancient stone tell us in our time?


Are we able to embody the stone´s body by looking back into roots of folklore, back to a time when we still knew how to live our lives in coherence with nature? Is it possible to find a mysterious relationship with a landscape that does not remain a personal experience, but a collective experience, shared in a community? May interpretations of landscapes make the local universal?


What happens when we invite to a gathering "around the stone" inside the gallery space?

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