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Pollinary Dances - Initiation Performance (2020)

Photo: André Wulf

Pollinary Dances - Initiation Performance

September 4th 2020. The foyer at BBt


This evening LATERNA invites the audience to the universe of plants and medicinal plants. One way to explore the world of plants is through the use of spagyric elixirs. These are made from wild growing herbs from places visited in connection with the CoSA project (2018-2020). CoSA has visited historical sites such as Monte Verità, Steilneset, Hill of the Muses (Athens) and the Museum of St. Petersburg Avantgarde. Audiences get to choose their elixir from a menu as they arrive before being introduced to Pollinary Dances, a performative event based on choreographic scores. -If we really listen, what can the plants tell us? How do they affect us and how do we affect them? How can plants, humans and pollinators coexist and mutually support each other in an extended pollinary dance?

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